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In Chiapas, ecotourism projects constitute one of the richest veins of wealth for private investment. Some of these projects’ plans have not yet been finalized due to popular resistance and mobilization on the part of local communities in the defense of their natural resources and for the conservation of their territory; among the most important projects, in the Agua Azul region alone… Download

Government Creates and Administers Conflicts for Territorial Control in Chiapas

In 2010, the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (henceforth Frayba) received 17 denouncements from prisoners and their family members, signed by a total of 2,142 individuals. Likewise, we have documented the testimonies of 24 relatives of prisoners who have denounced various acts and omissions that officials in charge of Penitentiaries have committed. These acts have predominantly directly affected women, boys, and girls who are subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment upon entering the prisons to visit their family members. Download

Human Rights Violations in the Chiapas Prison System

Durante el 2010 el Frayba recibió 17 denuncias de personas detenidas y sus familiares. Asimismo, se han documentaron los testimonios de 24 familiares de presos/as que denuncian diversas acciones y omisiones que funcionarios encargados de los Centros Penitenciarios ejercen, predominando la afectación directa a mujeres, niños y niñas que son sometidas a tratos crueles inhumanos y degradantes al momento de ingresar a las cárceles para visitar sus familiares. Descargar

Informe: Violaciones a los derechos humanos,en el sistema carcelario en ...